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Shiftu Technology is a leading bulk SMS provider that enables you with an integrated solution for sending SMS messages in bulk. It provides a web-based SMS management system which is extremely intuitive and functional way to send individualised, bulk text messages in bulk.

For business enterprises, Shiftu technology is a Bulk SMS Service Provider Company which offers comprehensive, cost effective, fully customized and personified messaging platform. We ensure that our customers get the most reliable business SMS service possible. Our SMS gateway is connected to all the mobile networks and gives us an international presence.

SMS is an effective marketing tool. A lot of businesses are getting benefited results in the form of sales from bulk SMS marketing. Whether you are a large, or small to medium sized business, sending SMS or SMS marketing can be a great benefit for you.


We always like to go beyond just sending messages. We’re deep into business and case analysis. We want to find opportunities that will add value to tight budgets. Our Bulk SMS customers benefit from the economies of scale through greater purchasing power of higher volumes, and so find out our most competitive prices, Email us at [email protected] for a quotation.

Bulk SMS

Some key features of Bulk SMS are as follows

  • Web based admin panel
  • Real time delivery reports
  • Reliable, scalable, secure & low cost service
  • All network coverage
  • Unicode language facility
  • API integration
  • High priority SMS routes
  • Load Sharing or Redundant Networks
  • No hidden charges or set up or maintenance fees
  • Excellent support

Bulk SMS service

Our Bulk SMS service can be extensively used for various functionalities

  • Lead generation: Generate leads through SMS campaigning.
  • Brand Promotion: Strengthen your brand through officialised messages to your clients.
  • Sales Promotion: Increase margins and maximize your sales profits by SMS.
  • Future analysis: Analyse your campaigns through detailed reports.
  • Campaign tracking: Track your campaigns status by our innovative web panel.
  • Sales tracking: Track your increased sales through our advanced SMS campaigning.