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What is a Content Management System?

The CMS Website Development (Content Management System) is a software that is used to manage and update your website, enables you to write text, include movies, pictures, links and so many things to your website.

What is a CMS web site?

A website which can be edited and managed without web designer or without specialized web designing skills or knowledge is called as a CMS website. This has been a long time requirement of many customers. Shiftu Technology has been producing such functionality and servicing its customers from many years, and has been a very well known CMS service specialist.

CMS software

With Shiftu Technology CMS software you don’t have to be a web developer/designer to update a web site. Our customers use our own CMS system to create beautiful websites for them which are easy to use and which meets their business needs and connect with their audience.

For the ongoing management of web content you can truly trust our CMS software. We ensure your website is fresh and up-to-date and allow you to produce, edit and publish your web content.

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CMS Development Services offered by Shiftu Technology includes:

  • Main Text lines
  • News/articles
  • Page Creation/deletion
  • Price Lists
  • Manuals
  • Forums/blogs
  • Images/banners
  • Calendar/Guestbook
  • Events/ Notification
  • Store Locator
  • FAQ section

Our CMS system offers the following advantages

  • Simple, single updatable pages
  • Enterprise level CMS
  • Drag and Drop elements for customisation
  • Uploading business information
  • Product updates addition
  • Reduce duplicate entries
  • Simplified reports inserting
  • Controlling data validity and data compilation
  • Unique and professional look for the web site
  • Searching, editing, adding and deleting content on web site
  • Easy page navigation and new page addition
  • Creating user friendly CMS interface
  • Custom built in CMS templates
  • ‘Off the shelf’ CMS Systems

Our CMS website packages include

  • Domain name
  • CMS Software panel
  • SEO friendly web page creation
  • Contact Forms
  • Graphics and images
  • Web hosting
  • Easy to use system
  • Email addresses

Advantages of CMS website

Backed by our user friendly and free technical support, our CMS system is easy to learn and use. Our solutions are of various ranges and there are many CMS options to suit our clients’ requirements:

WordPress CMS website

  • Quick Installation
  • Huge Developers’ Community
  • Thousands of Plug in software
  • Easy PHP and CSS file editing
  • Massive Templates Library

Joomla CMS website

  • User friendly operation
  • Excellent Admin panel
  • Download able demo version
  • Enormous operation facility

Drupal CMS

  • Open source CMS
  • Suitable to Personal and Enterprise Sites
  • Hundreds of Modules

Magento CMS

  • E-Commerce CMS sites
  • Open Source sites
  • Lots of Magento Extensions
  • User friendly admin interface
  • Regular Updation