Inventory Management

Manage all your products & services with Shiftu Technology’s Inventory Management Software and get instantly informed about the stocks, purchases and invoices. Shiftu’s Inventory Management software allows you to allocate and reserve products against your orders. You can even print reports of all about your orders, stocks and payments.

Some of the modules covered are:

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The key features of Shiftu’s Inventory Management software are:

  • Real-time, detailed visibility into inventory control and supply chain management
  • Excellent control of stock levels with increased operational efficiency.
  • Increased product margins by effectively price management.
  • Streamline requisition and improved collaboration with vendors
  • Track costs and eliminated purchase errors
  • Optimized Manufacturing Process
  • Generate inventory list, Order Quantity list
  • Inventory items quantities and manufacturer lot tracking for Updates
  • Payable forms, inventory reports and income balance sheet for annual reviews
  • Generate the purchase orders and add the new arrival items to the inventory list
  • Save all your suppliers information and their products list in database
  • Products order and expiration tracking.
  • Monitoring product information based on product ordering status.
  • Managing products by product locations tracking
  • Keep a track of employee information and their sales record
  • Contact management features for customer tracking
  • Integrated Outlook email and contact feature
  • Generate report for all sales record, purchase order record and inventory list


  • Accurate inventory information at any instant anywhere to resist in competitive market.
  • Time saving by our pre-designed inventory management software
  • NO set up charges or licence fees or hidden cost.
  • Reduce stock shortages by setting re-order tolerance levels
  • Avoid buying other expensive tools


  • Print pricelists of products.
  • Stock reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Retail pricing reports.

Customer Relationship Management:

  • Storing customer details
  • Viewing previous order history.
  • Email and SMS replies to customers
  • Importing customer lists from excel sheet
  • Keeping records of supplier details


  • Quick creation of professional quotations
  • Printing quotation and exports to clients as PDFs.
  • Adding printable comments on comment space
  • Tracking quotation status.
  • Turning quotations into orders on a single click.


  • Turn quotations into orders at a single click.
  • Track your orders status.
  • Track your payment status instantly.

POS (Point Of Sales): POS plug in

  • Barcode scanner
  • Printing money receipt
  • Customized shop front.


  • Easily record and manage purchases.
  • Create purchase orders
  • Export orders as PDF.
  • Check stocks and update stock levels automatically.
  • Track and search products by serial numbers.


  • Powerful and instant notification
  • Built in messaging system
  • Auto Email updates on every activity update


  • Authorized access to every section
  • Hierarchical users system
  • Integrates security systems
  • Detailed audit trails


  • Built in knowledgebase
  • Centralised depository of valuable business knowledge.

Multiple Currencies:

  • Support multiple worldwide currencies
  • Updated conversion information