Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence to design and develop smart and advanced machines

To build one of the best and advanced machines that are smart enough to perform different tasks there stands the artificial intelligence. This is considered as an interdisciplinary science bearing multiple approaches. Artificial intelligence bears pride to design advancements in machine learning and deep learning which has been creating paradigm shift and is virtually a part of every sector to the technical and software industry. The story of artificial intelligence backs to 1950’s by Minsky and McCarthy who described it as a task performed by machine but designed on human intelligence.

As designers say, the artificial intelligence demonstrates behaviors associated with human intelligence associated with planning, learning, reasoning, problem solving skills, knowledge representation, manipulation and many more based on social intelligence and creativity.



Artificial intelligence is a demand to every single industry today. May it be hospital or retail, it doesn’t really matter. How it matters is with the utility to make life better and performance easier. Some of the spaces where it’s being utilized are like:-

  • Health care

    Artificial intelligence is a significant part of diagnostics. Basically it is efficiently performing with personalized medicines and X- ray readings. The personal health care assistants acts as a life coaches with setting reminder for taking medicines, performing exercises and eat healthier food stuff.

  • Retail industry

    The artificial intelligence is providing with virtual shopping processes offering with personalized recommendations. This also associates with discussing purchasing options with the consumers. The stock management and site layout technologies are also going to see major change with the utilization of artificial intelligence.

  • Banking

    With artificial intelligence, banking industry has seen a better service. This speedup the effectiveness to human efforts. The artificial intelligence is used to identify transactions which are likely to be fraud. This has helped employees adopt quite fast and accurate credit scoring as well as maintains automate and manually intense data management tasks.

  • Manufacturing

    The artificial intelligence is the basic set to analyze factory IoT data as one of the major to stream. This is responsible for connecting equipment to forecast the expected load and demand with the use of recurrent networks. The following is done with a specific type of deep learning network which is sued with sequence data.

How it works?


Working with artificial intelligence is going to bring a revolutionary change that has given man learned better ways of technology. This is going to offer huge number of opportunities like:-

  • Helps with augmenting analytics to the industries and domains where they are into huge implementation.

  • First priority with improving the performance of the existing analytical technologies like that of computer vision and time series analysis.

  • Helps with breaking down the economic barriers including language and translation barriers.

  • Mixes up with existing abilities of technology and performance with making every single day performance excel every step.

  • Provides powerful and better vision with delivering better understanding and memory to increase performance.



Artificial intelligence is a basic computer based system which is able to perform various tasks which usually is based on human intelligence. Mostly these are powered by machine learning and some of these are also powered by deep learning. In future the artificial intelligence is going to take and make better steps to powerful living.

Contribution of artificial intelligence in COVID – 19 pandemic situations


The pandemic has bought down a stop to every business and every situation. But artificial intelligence has bought ahead great impact as new technology to the health care delivery system. Now people might think what is AI? This is not a common man term, but a great term for those who are technical and software designers. The AI or artificial intelligence aims to be a decisive technology that helps with analysis as well as with preparing future to prevent and fight with the current and well as other pandemic situations.

How is it going to help?


To sort out the query of what is AI, it’s necessary to move deep into the technology and its implementation. Though we are focusing on its priority to sort out pandemic situation, we must take a look of how it’s going to help in dealing with the medical situations.

Globally pandemic (COVID-19) has bought a breathless crisis and to deal with the situation medicos and scientists are looking forward for new and advanced technologies. These technologies would help with monitoring and controlling the spread of COVID -19 like pandemic. The AI or the artificial intelligence is an unique technology which is responsibly helping with tracking the spread of the virus. This is also going to help with identifying high risk patients with controlling the infection in real time. Apart from the above, this is helpful with predicting mortality risk with analyzing the previous or existing data of the patients. Looking forward to more of its utility in the health care system, it is also going to help with screening population to fight virus and provide adequate medical help with notification and suggesting the best of infection control.

Featuring technology:-


This technology is helping every patient to improve the planning as well as treatment with reporting the outcomes of the pandemic patients. This has proved itself to be one of the evidence based medical tools. The artificial intelligence is helping physicians in identifying the symptoms of pandemic. Results of the tests with artificial intelligence based technologies are proved to provide with accurate results with reducing the total number of steps that are taken in the whole process, making it more procurable.

With Artificial intelligence the diagnosis and detection of the pandemic infection becomes easy and early. As this can help with faster analysis of irregular symptom and other features alarming the patients and healthcare authorities. It makes diagnosis faster and cost effective. The diagnosis manages technologies using algorithm like computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of human body. Apart from that it is also going to help with time to time monitoring the treatment.

The artificial intelligence is responsibly building an intelligent platform for any kind of automatic monitoring and treatment of the affected individuals. Patients can now get easy updates on the COVID-19 with identifying the contact tracing in case of individuals. This is helping today with development of drugs and vaccines. Today, researchers say that the artificial intelligence system has been helping with speeding up drug testing in real time.



The AI or the artificial intelligence is managing covid situation in a perfect way and has generated hope globally to eradicate the pandemic in a better way.