Business Intelligence

A Buzzword in the Modern Businesses

Business intelligence is a set of strategies that are used by many companies to retrieve, analyze and convert various data into meaningful information. We at Shiftu Technology Pvt. Ltd. help various businesses by offering them Business Intelligence solution which assists them in gaining a competitive edge by supporting their decisions with reliable information. We develop and offer powerful BI software solutions to our clients. Our main aim lies in helping organizations to take decisions in a fast manner by providing them timely and actionable data inside their business processes. Our BI systems comprise of the following features.

Executive dashboards

Data visualization

What if analysis

Interactive reports

Meta data layer

Flexible formatting options

Ranking reports

Dynamic Information Distribution

Alerting system

BI system developed by Shiftu Technology Pvt .Ltd. helps the clients in the following ways,

  • Executive dashboards
  • Removes guesswork
  • Offers a quick response to any queries related to the clients business
  • Helps in gaining a valuable insight into the behavior of your clients
  • Offers up selling and cross selling facilities
  • Develop efficiency
  • Clients can get a good understanding on the past, present and the future of the company.

BI Software developed by us is secured, reliable and easy to use. Contact us today to know more………….