Digital Media

Targeted Industries

The Shiftu Technology’s Digital media management software is built for real-time, management of modern digital marketing. Our software automates the key aspects of content creation, production, localization, and distribution so that our clients can create a customer experience that is consistent, target oriented, and evolving across every needs of the organization. With Shiftu’s media management software, you can effectively manage all types of digital media assets; streamline the production of content and publications for print, websites, social media, and other devices; and automate workflows to easily extend your reach to customers round the globe. Our broad platform focuses on the following segments: Media Asset

Media Asset

Shiftu’s fully integrated Digital Media Management solution enables companies to create, manage, archive organization while driving new revenue streams and realizing operational efficiencies.

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Management module

  • Manages all your digital contents.
  • Centralized depository of all contents.
  • Access to media assets from all devices.
  • Improved staff collaboration.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Central, easy-to-use system.

IP Rights and Access Management module.

  • Speed up publishing cycles
  • System-based process optimization.
  • Management of user access and process control.
  • Automated operation management.
  • More revenue generation at work.

Content Publishing module:

  • Media independent production of contents.
  • Quick delivery across multiple channels.
  • Time- and labor-intensive processes automation of content.
  • Flexible and simultaneous publishing of content.
  • Fast and easy content management for all channels.

Production Management module:

  • Enabling creativity and productivity co-existence
  • Exploiting new format opportunities
  • Reduced time-to-air
  • Lowered cost-to-air
  • Broadened system interoperability

Sales and Marketing Analysis module:

  • Finance Budgeting
  • Revenue management
  • Billing management
  • Supply Chain Management of forecasting Video
  • Office Automation
  • IT Architecture & Infrastructure

evaluation Media Archiving module:

  • Capturing value and providing access
  • Supports content protection strategy
  • Managing the essence cost effectively
  • Providing authorizes access to archived material

Content Distribution and Content Monetization module:

  • Saves transportation and distribution costs
  • Automating the media supply chain
  • Multi directional and high-speed data exchanges
  • Provides support for field or hub operations

Value Proposition management module:

  • Effective lifetime monitoring of content
  • Highly scalable platform with ingestion and trans-coding
  • Customized distribution workflows ü Real-time capability for handling diverse delivery channels.
  • Streamlining digital operations
  • Fully automated workflow for all operations

Digital entertainment studios, broadcasting companies and post-production houses can use Shiftu’s Digital Media Management software and benefit from the ability to:

  • Store and re-use digital assets for future use.
  • Authorized level access to content across the enterprise.
  • Enhance business decisions.
  • Identify and leverage new business models.
  • Visual previews of assets, searching assets.
  • Managing access rights based on user groups.
  • Automated processes for operation.
  • Workflows for managing and monitoring entire operation.
  • Easily communicating deadlines, tasks and reviews etc.
  • Separates files for maximum media independence.
  • Automatic file versioning and ability to view editing history.
  • Import / export of data through software.
  • Centrally managed data collection with notes.
  • Integrated product information.
  • Run scheduled archive on remote files at regular intervals
  • 24/7 technical support for variety of applications
  • Use integrated plug-ins and extensions.
  • Predefined templates with visual placeholders.
  • Expanded publishing options with an integrated newsletter function.
  • Give updates to popular social media platforms.
  • Easily view, analyze and report on all projects.