We at Shiftu Technology have been building web experiences for more than a decade. This page can answer many of your questions and can clear all your doubts if you have.

Question: How long has the shiftu technology been designing websites?

Answer: We are having years of experience in this field. You can know more about Shiftu Technology on our about us page.

Question: How much amount do you charge for creating a website?

Answer: The costs of website usually vary from website to website. It largely depends on various factors like the type of website you want, its designs, etc.

Question: What is the mode of payment? How does the payment process works?

Answer: You can pay by means of credit card, debit card, internet banking, etc. The process is something different. First of all, in the initial stage of the project you need to deposit 50 percent of the entire amount. After the signing of the design you have to give 25%.And the rest 25 percent can be given during the launching of the website.

Question: How long does it take to build a website?

Answer: Usually we take 30 days to create a standard website, but for creating an e commerce website, it takes around 100 days. The time usually varies depending on the type of the project.

Question: Can you assist me in updating of the website that is created by another firm?

Answer: Yes. We can assist you to update the website. There is some plans for issue fixing or AMC(Annual maintenance cost). It can come under any plan.

Question: Can you help me in writing content for my website?

Answer: Yes. Our contents are error free and are written by experienced writers. We include copywriting and editing in all of our projects.

Question: Can you assist me to source pictures for my website?

Answer: Yes. We can help you in this. In fact we have photographers and videographers available with us to offer custom photography and videos for your websites.

Question: What type of search engine rankings do you guarantee?

Answer: We do not give a guarantee on search engines. We carry out our best to get you the possible search engine rankings. However, there are no factors that are used to determine the ranking so there is no possible way that we can guarantee where your website will rank.

Question: Why am I not getting traffic to my website?

Answer: It is very much difficult to say. Every site is set up in a different way. Therefore, the reason why your website is not seen varies from other site. If your site is not designed in a proper way it is hard to get a good traffic.