HRMIS Solution

The success of any organization completely depends on the efforts put on by the employees. The employees are always encouraged by the HR. But here one question arises? What does the HR do? From where does he get the ideas, knowledge, etc. to handle a large number of employees? Here, Shiftu Technology delivers a complete solution for the HR. HRMIS is a type of software that is meant for the HR personnel’s and helps the HR in the proper management of the organization. Some of its benefits include, 

  • Automation of various policies of the HR
  • Efficiency in payroll management
  • Reduction of paperwork
  • Reviewing the information of the employees
  • Maintaining the history of the organization
  • Monitors the performance of the employees
  • Recruitments of the staffs

We develop this software in order to meet all the requirements of the HR. It comprises of some modules that can assist the HR in managing the organization. We offer the following features to the software.

  • User Friendly
  • Can be linked to the GIS
  • Low maintenance
  • Have a good search option so that information’s can be retrieved easily
  • Reasonable

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