Targeted Industries

Shiftu Technology serves IT industries with an intuitive business management software platform used to run IT business and can be integrated easily with the other third party tools and serving clients. Our easy to use online software organises business finances in secured platform. Shiftu’s IT Management software integrates with your help desk, network monitoring and many more.

Few modules covered by this software are

Shiftu’s IT Business Management software provides object oriented indicative business oriented solution where your organization’s IT spending is managed, operated and controlled by reviewing through distinctive dashboard.

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Asset Management Module:

  • Report on assets and inventory metrics
  • Managing network, Exchange and licensing etc
  • Hardware asset management

Virtual Contract Module:

  • Billing options
  • Service bundle contracts
  • Master-Slave contracts
  • Executive dashboard and reports log
  • Customized notifications

Service Desk Module:

  • Managed customer queues
  • Client Access Portal
  • Automated surveys and benchmarking
  • Outsource Management module
  • True, integrated and context sensitive knowledgebase

Service Level Management module:

  • Improved service delivery
  • Key performance indicator
  • Performance targets by priority
  • Customized service levels
  • Automated workflow
  • Improved escalation rules
  • Intuitive Dispatchers Workshop
  • Service call mappings
  • Create work statements from the field
  • Automate workflows and real time notification system
  • Integrated support ticket system & service call info
  • Multiple resources assignment
  • Automated ticket management

Time and Expenses Module:

  • Tracking and monitoring bill assets
  • Improved expense tracking
  • Accurate timesheets
  • Detailed expense reports
  • electronic sign-off
  • Enhance routing approved workflow
  • Proxy time entries
  • Integration with employee payroll and accounting information systems

Outsourcemanagement module:

  • Outsource dashboard management
  • Virtual service network
  • Outsource to any partner
  • Work seamlessly with service networks
  • Real-time access to support ticket status
  • Accepting tickets

Project Time Management Module:

  • Projects dashboard
  • Real-time reports
  • Projects timeline reviews
  • Reusable project templates
  • Auto capture of project time and expenses
  • Create project teams

Billing Management module:

  • Intuitive and approved billing system
  • Key variable filtering system
  • Adjustment of billing and contracts
  • Customized invoice formats
  • Batch invoicing system

Features of Shiftu’s IT business management software are:

  • Estimating the ongoing project cost by key cost drivers
  • Full IT revenue transparency based on consumption metrics
  • Allocation of service costs based on consumption
  • Forecasting of future costs and impact of changes on costs
  • Allocating technical services and building-block cost components
  • Maximizing visibility into supported services
  • Managing demand vs. Supply resource
  • Identifying critical issues presenting business risk
  • Managing staff and contractor capacity projects
  • Coordinating project related activities and changes
  • Moving to proactive vendor management
  • Consolidating vendor and contract portfolio
  • Eliminates penalties and other unnecessary maintenance
  • Increasing business value by strategic vendor relationships
  • Monitors supplier performance
  • Driving down overall IT expenditure
  • Risk Management Software

Using Shiftu Technology’s IT business management solution various benefits achieved are:

  • Improved service quality
  • Reduced support calls and costs
  • Accessing third-party integration
  • Decreased call abandonment rates
  • Keeping users and service desks up to date
  • Reduced training costs throughout the organization
  • Adding and maintaining reports on inventory items
  • Tracking inventory status across unlimited locations
  • Assigning inventory items to accounts
  • Complete project order and history