Website Maintenance

keep your website as professional as you are

Designing and launching a website is just the beginning work of an organization. Organizations should keep an eye on how to maintain their website too, because keeping your website up-to-date and functional is the secret of your success. Your website is actually the first thing that a potential customer wants to know and makes an initial impression too, so it does not seem to be looking static and unresponsive.

A regularly updated website not only attracts good customers but also makes a good impression on behalf of you, and it’ll also improve the search engine rankings over internet, and increases the number of visitors to your website and strengthens your company’s online presence. However, adding refreshing content to your website regularly can cost a lot of time and money. You might have to hire a full-time web designer to do it.

CMS software

Shiftu Technology provides you professional and trained web developers and priority services means for updating your website. Currently, our services for the following requirements of our clients:

Also we serve the websites malfunctioning like link not working properly, graphics or pictures not getting displayed properly, poor search engine rankings etc. In such cases, shiftu technology provides a very cost effective web maintenance solution for organizations.

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CMS Development Services offered by Shiftu Technology includes:

  • General Server Maintenance needs
  • Regular Database Backup needs
  • Website Files Backup needs
  • Necessary Security Audits
  • Design Up gradation needs
  • Development Up gradation needs
  • Restoration Services requirements
  • Downtime Monitoring & Reporting needs
  • Technical support needs
  • Third-Party Tool Integration needs
  • Copywriting & Content improvisation needs
  • Content Management needs
  • Campaign Management needs

Our website maintenance services have the following functionalities

  • Adding, editing and removing of text
  • Adding new content, news updates, adding articles, pictures , logo etc
  • Removing or fixing broken links
  • Adding new services, products and charges etc
  • Site updating on a regular bases
  • Addition of new website pages
  • Image removal and Addition
  • Newsletters & email list maintaining
  • Shopping cart new product addition
  • Update announcements, news etc.
  • Adding/removing web pages
  • PDF creating and uploading
  • Product information changes and additional information
  • Updates of upcoming events
  • Adding breaking news
  • Keeping the homepage fresh

Why Shiftu’s Web Site Maintenance Service?

  • Cost-Effective than others
  • Detail oriented as we value our customers
  • Complete backup for your website
  • Professional edits and web site maintenance
  • Economical and convenient for all industries
  • Provides regular updates beyond maintenance
  • Website software patches from software like WordPress and Joomla
  • Resized and optimized images for website